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Some of you may be wondering what is this blog. On the one hand I love to scrimp, save and be frugal, but I also love products. I love to spend on beauty and home items and things that are special to me.

You will probably see a review for a supermarket own brand product one day, followed by another for a face mask that retails for £80 the next, this may seem inconsistent but I am saving on the boring things, the everyday things and this is enabling me to spend on the important things (important to me).

Yes, I know we all have different priorities. My initial reason for starting this blog was to learn myself what it was to be frugal and how to do it and hopefully to encourage others along the way, whilst also gathering tips and advice myself.

I had to do this, after purchasing my first house I had to prove that I could actually save money. 

The things that I pay less for are simple things that I feel happy to pay less for and for instance I don't feel hard done by having the cheaper version, Things that I wont pay less for are things where I don't think there is a matching quality substitute, because lets face it, if it doesn't do the job, or you don't use it then that's just a false economy.

If something is cheaper, and the same quality or better as it has been in some cases, then why oh why would you pay more?

I also review products for companies, I have found this is a great way to sample something for free, it doesn't cost me anything and I do my best to spread the word about the product and my experiences. Obviously, if I don't get on with the product then that's another story and I will discuss this with the person who has requested the review rather than posting overly negative blog posts. All of my opinions are my own and I give each product a fair trial.

This process enables me to try a lot more things than I wouldn't ordinarily purchase. It has also helped me to swap some o the products I was using for better products, sometimes cheaper, but in general I am more interested in what the product does for me. I do take a balanced and sensible approach and something truly has to be worth the price for me to buy, but this experience has introduced me to so many great products from a whole host of fantastic companies.

Thank you to all of those who have worked with me so far, it's been great. 

If you would like me to do a review for one of your products please send me an email -


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