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For some time I have been interested in trying Dr.Paw Paw's multipurpose balm as I am a fan of products that do more than one thing. 

I have been using a similar product for the last 10 years, the product in question is Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant which at £12.90 for 30ml is quite pricey. What I will say is that a little goes a long way and it's fantastic as so many different things from curing chapped lips and hands to taming unruly eyebrows and conditioning lashes. 

What I was looking for is something similar to the above but a cheaper alternative, perhaps something tinted as I do predominatly use the skin protectant on my lips. The most important thing I was looking for is something that smells better than the skin protectant as although it's a holy grail product for me I really dislike the strong herbal scent. 

I was kindly allowed to try the peach pink balm by Dr Paw Paw and I only had to pay for postage and packaging (£3.95), these retail at £6.95 for 25ml which is cheaper than the Elizabeth Arden Skin Protectant.

The order went through very quickly, I placed it on Thursday night and had the product at my door on Saturday morning in a lovely bubble envelope. I don't have anywhere local to me that sells this product so I will need to purchase this online. offers free delivery on orders over £20, Lookfantastic also stocks this product with free delivery (for any spend) here.

Dr Paw Paw launched their original balm in November 2013, at which point it was the first Paw Paw balm in the UK. The original balm has no colour and is purely a multi use balm. The following year the the same product was launched in 2 colours, peach pink and ultimate red. 

The above is the peach pink and I just love the colour and the formula. It's a little thicker than the Elizabeth Arden Skin Protectant but has a very similar feel. It creates a really good barrier and is intensly moisturising. It also thins a little when warmed with your fingertips and works really well as a light and natural cheek tint. 

I can only imagine that the original un-tinted variety of this would be perfect for many uses similar to the skin protectant, 

There is no scent to these products which is great because that is the main thing that erks me about the skin protectant, I can see this being the perfect substitute as it works really well on my dry lips and I love that little extra that it gives in the tint also. 

Why Paw Paw?

The main 2 ingredients that feature in Dr Paw Paw's products are 

Paw Paw - Papaya to you and me

This wonderful fruit is nutrient-rich and packed full of antioxidants and minerals. It also contains vitamin B. & C which help to provide anti-inflammatory properties and add moisture whilst promoting skin repair, .
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice 
Helps to retains and restore moisture to lips, skin and hair. Promotes skin regeneration. It also is said to help minimize appearance of pore size and is a fantastic ingredient for skin cleansing and toning.

So what now?
I'm really impressed with this product, I love the colour and the application. It lasts really well and does a great job of conditioning my lips whilst also giving a nice colour and gloss to them.
The packaging is really cute, and is more practical than the heavy glass jar that Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Skin Protectant. The tube is a great size to pop into most of my bags or even my coat pocket. 
I will definitely get this product again, it is nearly half the price of it's Elizabeth Arden counterpart and it smells better - Win!
Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? I know that the skin protectant is a beauty favourite of many, however I think this works as a great dupe. Let me know what you think.
Cookie x

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