Monday, 9 May 2016


A little while ago I was in Liverpool, and I couldn't resist popping into LUSH once or twice..

I got all of the usual things such as bath bombs and soaps, however I came across something a little different and I just had to have it.

The item that took my eye was the toothy tabs, these are a quirky alternative to toothpaste. It is essentially toothpaste in tablet form. They come in 7 different flavours and I have to say it was a hard choice to make. 

The flavours available are BOOM!, MILES OF SMILES, ORAL PLEASURE, LIMELIGHT, DIRTY, SPARKLE & BLING. Finally I settled on the above 2 flavours. We were staying in a hotel and had forgotten our toothpaste, so what better time to road test these toothy tabs!

Miles of Smiles is said to contain a mixture of 3 different mints in order to give s minty fresh taste that lasts. I have to say they certainly smell minty, however once you pop them one in your mouth and crunch it up it's not as minty as it could be. To be there was a strong taste of bicarbonate of soda. 

Oral Pleasure is passion fruit flavour and I thought this would be more of a gamble as I am used to minty toothpastes. However I have to say this was very pleasant and my favourite of the 2.

These are easy to use, simply pop one into your mouth and chew, then brush your teeth with the paste that is created as a result. 

Personally I prefer toothpaste in a tube and I think for £5.95 a bottle they're fairly expensive. These are great for travelling, especially as there is hand luggage restrictions on liquids and pastes. They are really easy to store and there is no worry of them squirting onto your clothes in your suitcase. I would still ensure that the lid is on tightly as there is a fair bit of powder in the bottles also.

Cookie x

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  1. These look really interesting. youve convinced me so when i go shopping later i may just get them.
    great review by the way, your blog inspires me so much