Friday, 29 April 2016

Beauty Box Subscriptions | Are they worth the money?

The answer to the question depends entirely on you and your lifestyle/priorities.

Are you someone who impulse buys beauty products? Perhaps you buy things, try them once and then leave them in a cupboard? If this sounds like you I think you'd be the perfect candidate for a beauty box.

I am trying to save money, so why buy into beauty subscriptions you say? Sounds frivolous doesn't it!

The reason I started these is to have a little something to look forward to, I would be so good and not spend then I would splurge on makeup, etc. Now that I commit to these boxes I don't feel the need to splurge when feeling fed up because I know a little monthly treat is coming my way.

My subscription box journey started with BirchBox and soon I was hooked and welcomed GlossyBox into my world. In all I was paying approx £26 per month for both beauty boxes, and in my experience it's totally worth it.

What's great is that it forces you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to try wonderful new products which is something I've really enjoyed over the past year having been stuck in a rut with a lot of 'old faithful' products previously. 

I went on the rolling contracts which was the slightly more expensive way of doing it but means you can cancel whenever you're ready. I have found that every month both boxes have contained near to double the value of the the price paid in products, sometimes more. I have had GlossyBoxes that have carried a value of over £70, which for a £10 subscription (£3.25 P&P) is fantastic value.

Both of the beauty box offer point systems which can be redeemed against further boxes and/or products in the BirchBox store Each month you get the opportunity to have your say and review the products, this gains you points. So far I have used £30+ BirchBox points on beauty treats which are great little extras.

There are so many different subscriptions out there which is great, I have found that my GlossyBox has outperformed my BirchBox every month which isn't to say BirchBox isn't good, just so far GlossyBox has been amazing! I have decided to have a break from BirchBox and to try something new for a while.

The wonder of these subscriptions is that there are so many to choose from to suit all budgets. The new one that I am trying is the You Beauty Box and it is the cheapest box I have seen, £6.95 including the postage and packaging, plus you get to choose your main 2 beauty treats so in all i'd say this box is fantastic value and I look forward to receiving my first one. Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for an unboxing video. I got my first box half price, so £3.48 for 2 products of my choice and free P&P can't be bad!

If your interested in signing up for BirchBox, I would definitely recommend it - and if you use my link this will entitle you to £5 worth of BirchBox points!

I would also really recommend the GlossyBox too, again if your interested in signing up please use my referral link

I'd also recommend checking out

Do you get any subscription boxes? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Cookie x

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