Thursday, 13 March 2014

Heres to change

Hi Guys

I have always been interested in saving money where possible but I have never had quite as much motivation. So currently I am paying a Mortgage and have various other reasons for saving. I would ideally like to save £5,000 this year but I suppose I need to be realistic and any saving would be good to be honest.

So here are some cuts I have made this year so far.

£75 per month on hair colouring  - £900.00 saving per year
£34.99 per month on Gym            -£419.88 saving per year
£25 every 6 weeks on waxing       -£216.60 saving per year
£35 per month on mobile contract-£420      saving per year

Total                                               £1,956.48

So the above sounds good to me, obviously I will go to the hairdresser at some point for a cut but I have been colouring my hair myself and am considering just going back to my natural colour.. its been a while!

Ok, as i'm new to this if anyone has any advice or tips or wishes to share any info with my please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading

Cookie x

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