Monday, 31 August 2015

A weeks lunches

A couple of my posts recently have been about the saving that I make taking homemade lunches to work. I'm not going to lie, its a little extra work but see below for the some of the benefits:
  • its half the price of take out lunches.
  • It's not creating as much rubbish to go to landfill as the sandwich and snack packaging does.
  • Importantly I can create healthy and balanced meals.
  • It's completely tailored to how I want it and what I feel like eating.
  • I can make big or small a portion as I feel like eating
  • And I have full control over calorific content.
Monday: Oven baked red pesto chicken with salami, mixed tomatoes, olives and cous cous. As it was for lunch I just did the one large chicken breast for us to share and bulked this out with tomatoes and olives and added a serving of Ainsely Harriotts cous cous. I do use plain cous cous also but this is already flavoured etc and is only 70p per sachet, its a great cheat/quick fix.

Tuesday: Was a great varied salad of Sweet potato, fine beans, beetroot, Green lentils, some of my home grown tomatoes and radishes and feta cheese. This was dressed with a basil and oil dressing made using my fresh home-grown basil and smoky olive oil (they sell it in M&S).

Wednesday: Mixed chopped vegetables along with a small amount of cous cous and some homemade potato salad, I then added a little ham to this.

Thursday: Really simple noodle salad. It consists of a nest of cooked wheat noodles, a little spring onion, some grated carrot and to season I added a little sweet chili sauce. You can dress this up as much as you like and add chicken, peppers, whatever you have in!

Friday: This lunch was a little bit of a cheat, I bought the Spanish tortilla ready made in Tesco for £2, which lasts 2 lunches so is a great cheap lunch. This was accompanied with a fresh greek salad and some feta cheese. The dressing was made from lemon juice, olive oil and a little of my fresh home grown parsley. I love having herbs in pots at this time of year as I use them a lot and it makes much more sense that buying fresh each time and them only lasting a few days.

As always your comments are valuable so please let me know your thoughts.

Cookie x

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