Monday, 30 November 2015

My first BirchBox | November 2015 | Disappointed

Hi guys,

I have recently signed up to BirchBox and also Glossy Box. That's not very frugal, I hear you say. Perhaps not but it's a great way to try something new without having to splash out on full size items. It also gives me  a little something to look forward to during the winter months, I don't know about you, but when I get fed up and feel I don't have anything to look forward to I splurge, and spending a little each month on this may just help that - it's definitely more controlled than online spending blow outs that I have had in the past!

The box costs £10, and is £2.95 delivery - so for 5 items (usually 1 full size) it's not a ridiculous price, plus the box itself is a little work of art and does cost to produce.

So this wasn't a great start, my beautiful little box had a massive skid mark down the front. not impressed so far..

Here's what it looks like inside, I didn't read the booklet till the end as I don't like to spoil the surprise.

I love the bag and the box too, so far the packaging is a winner with the exception of the skid mark.

So here's what I got. See below for my opinions.

Lord and berry 0.5g translucent lip liner, this is to combat lipstick bleeding and feathering. This isn't a product I will use to much as I usually use quite neutral lipsticks and don't have fine wrinkles around the mouth as yet.

I have used this now with a deep red lipstick and I have to say, it still smudged so I just don't get what this product actually does.

REN 10ml sample of the wake wonderful face mask. I had read some great things about this, having used this I woke up with a greasy T Zone but don't really notice any great difference from having used this.

This was my only full size item, and I have to say I was really disappointed as I saw that others got 2 full size items (a mascara worth £18, and this cream worth £8).

Coriander and grapefruit are my 2 least favourite scents, so I shall be passing this on.

Living proof - restore, instant repair 30ml sample. This smells really nice and does feel nice on my hair, however I have other products that are cheaper and work the same.

I have seen a lot of negative comments on this perfume, but I really liked the masculine scent.

The final item I received is the trilogy make-up be gone cleansing balm, this product is OK, but I do have another one that works exactly the same.

So in all the major annoyance was down to the box being in the condition that it was, however the products weren't great and of course I already wasn't in a very forgiving mood.

I complained to BirchBox in an email with a picture showing them the box, they replied a day after the original quoted 48 hours as I got a holding email advising they were experiencing a high volume of correspondence. 

When they got back to me they apologised and gave me £5 to spend in their online shop. 

A couple of days later I received a little pink bubble envelope with some travel size samples from La Roche Posay, Clarins and a small So Susan foundation quad palette. However I can only assume that this came from them as there was nothing else in the package, and no indication of where it came from. 

I will be getting the December box and will decide thereafter whether to carry on for a little longer.

Please check out my unboxing video below.


Cookie x


  1. I've always been skeptical of the box subscriptions but then there is always good with the bad. That's a shame about the's very pretty! Birchbox in the U.S. has a great reputation so I'm a little shocked it was so disappointing. I don't know if the samples vary per region of the world. I hope the December Box is better!!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Thanks Melanie, definitely got everything crossed for Decembers box :-) I love watching the videos to see what everyone gets, it's just luck of the drawer though because I saw some great boxes this month too, some had 2 full size products, one of which was a fairly expensive mascara. I'm sure it will even out :-) x