Friday, 13 November 2015

Scoff Club | Review

Hi Guys,

Today's review is for a monthly subscription with a sweet twist.

This box retails at Currently £12.99 for one off boxes, and £11.66 if you get a 3 or 6 month subscription.

Scoff Club is a monthly subscription box for people who love retro and classic sweets. 

Each month they select a range of delicious retro sweets, I received my box at the end of October and it was Hallowe'en themed which was amazing!

As you can see from my video we were pretty exited to tear into the sweets, and we weren't disappointed.

In my box I received Jelly Red Eye Skulls, Severed Fingers, Fizzy Dracula Teeth,
Darkside Skittles, Ghost Busters Chocolate Discs, Eye Poppers Sour Gumballs and a little ball and bat toy.

The above photos have not captured the sheer amount of sweets that that received as my boyfriend went crazy for them pretty quickly. As you can see in the image below, most of the sweets were beautifully packaged in clear bags with labels, it's just unfortunate there was no daylight to take a picture of the box in all it's glory, but you can see these in my video.

Here's what I thought of the individual items 

  • Jelly Red Eye Skulls - These were both of our favourite sweet in the box, they are a sort of foamy texture with jelly eyes and tasted amazing, i'd never had them before but would love to have them again.
  • Severed Fingers - Perhaps my least favourite sweet in the box, these are standard gummy texture with not a great deal of taste, they looked great though and I'm sure they'd be great for kids Halloween parties and that kind of thing.
  • Fizzy Dracula Teeth - These had just the right amount of sourness and the teeth had a somewhat milky flavour to them, I really enjoyed these.
  • Darkside Skittles - The packaging is different and this is comprised of 5 different flavours, however only the blue one tasted different to regular skittles, I do like a skittle, but I was expecting them to be quite different.
  • Ghost Busters Chocolate Discs
  • Eye Poppers Sour Gumballs - These were deliciously fruity flavours and for a sour connoisseur like myself they weren't too much of a challenge, but i'd most definitely get these again. 
  • a little ball and bat toy - Truth be told I don't really have a use for this, its a fairly light weight toy, but unless you have kids its kind of a waste - it's cute though, and I will probably pass it on. 

All in all I really enjoyed receiving this box, it was a little something fun to look forward to. The packaging was really great, one thing I will say is it was very big so I did need to collect this item, however as it's filled with sweets it's definitely worth it!

I'd say these are fantastic for kids and adults, and would make a perfect gift for just about anyone, especially those with a sweet tooth. What is also great is that you can buy individual boxes, but also you can do subscriptions at a discounted rate.

Please check these guys out, and if your interested you can get 30% off your first box with the code 30SCOFF

Cookie x

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  1. Yes, it is seriously cute. I didn't recognize a lot of these sweets, I think the other editions are more memory lane type sweets which I think is a great idea. :-)

  2. Ohh this looks awesome, I do love sweets!! Nom. X

  3. Thanks for your comment Helen, I certainly enjoyed receiving this and it's something I am definitely up to subscribing to :-) X