Friday, 25 March 2016

Vegetarian Butternut Squash Curry | £0.91p per portion

I made this the first time with white rice, but find it more filling with brown. You can make this even cheaper by using a value brand white rice. 

Using brown rice this came in at approx 0.91p per portion for ingredients alone. It's fairly quick and easy to cook and is really healthy and nutritional. 

This makes an appearance on meatless mondays, and during the week for a quick dinner. Sometimes I reduce the portion a little and serve with a salmon filet, or for the ultimate veggie curry I serve with just wholemeal chapati's.

£3.36 total per meal, also this makes enough curry for 4 people so it could make 2 meals for 2 just double the rice = total of £3.64 / 4 = £0.91 per person in ingredients!

Cookie x

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