Friday, 10 June 2016


Last month I was sent some products from a lovely company called A'kin (by Purist). As a company they take great care to ensure that all of their products are free of sulphate, parabens, toxins and harsh chemicals. They are also vegan, and don't test on animals, so are the perfect natural products.

I explained that I have normal to dry skin and that I would like to focus on brightening and colour correcting due to my large amount of freckles and previous sun exposure. They very kindly sent me 3 items from their rose based skincare range, I have heard before that rose is a key ingredient for skin brightening so I was really excited to try these. 

Firstly a small piece on the packaging, it's just lovely isn't it. I love the gorgeous little illustrations of the roses and avocados. 

The outer packaging is simple and uncomplicated just like the natural products within.

Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser and Toner 225ml for £19 or 2 for £27, can be purchased here 

This is a great multi use product to be used to remove make-up and impurities naturally. It is enriched with certified organic Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Olive Squalane. 

The texture is quite thin, and the squeezy bottle design cuts down on mess, however it does mean that I tend to squeeze too much out and end up wasting a little of the product each time. 

Because this is a cleanser and toner in one it saves a little time and eliminates the need for an additional toning product which is a little more cost effective. 

When I have dark eye makeup on I found I do need to use an eye makeup remover before using this as it doesn't always take off all my eye makeup.

23ml for £18 or 5ml for £10, can be purchased here

The next step in this routine is Rosehip Oil, which I use in place of my usual facial serum. Enriched with pure active botanics like certified organic rosehip oil extracted from rosehip seeds, it has a high concentration of Vitamins A and E and Omegas 9, 3 and essential fatty acids. 

Although this is an oil, it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy it just feels seriously hydrated and surprisingly leaves my skin looking instantly more radiant. 

50ml for £24, can be purchased here 

Finally I finish off with this highly moisturising cream, this is a very thick and quite heavy cream yet I managed to use it twice a day everyday for 3 weeks with no break outs. I have put this aside until the winter, purely because I prefer a lightweight moisturiser during the warmer months. 

However, this is going to be so perfect for winter to protect my skin against the elements and keep it in fab condition.  

So in summary I would say that these products are fabulously natural and each of them are  very hydrating from the cleansing and toning stage onto the moisturiser. 

They smell great, I for one love rose products but I do recognise that sometimes they can be very strongly scented. These just have a slight hint of rose to them so if you're someone who isn't into that particular scent I wouldn't let the fact that these are rose based put you off.

A'kin's fantastic product range doesn't stop here, there are products suited to all different skin types, for more please check out their website as I really believe there is something their for everyone.

Cookie x

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  1. i loved your review, it was really good. i was looking at your stats. wow impressive and i hope one day i can be just like you and your blog! these products sound divine to, keep up the amazing work xxxx

  2. Hey Emi,

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I really like your blog too! You will be there soon I am sure, just keep doing what you're doing and make sure you enjoy what you're doing and the rest will just fall into place :-) xxx