Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lenor Unstoppables

So, how can I describe lenor unstoppables? They are magic little pearls that you put into your washing and they extend the period of which your washing stays fresh!

I tried the product with a Lenor softner, an ordinary softer and tried a few other variations of what I had at home. I found it works really well with a lenor softner accompanying it.

When the beads are in the machine they make my utility room smell beautiful also!

I was sceptical about trying this as I have sensitive skin and I am also quite particular about smells, but I have had no skin complaints and I cant get over how lovely the scent is!
The only downside is the price tag, quite hefty.

however I will probably use this going forward for my bedsheets and washes for special occasions!

All in all a wonderful product!

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