Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Post is here!

I love coming home, especially when there's post waiting for me, and even more so when its freebies, samples and trials!

Above is what I received (I also got
a while you were out card for a packet to collect from the post office:-) Will have to wait for tomorrow though :-( ), the bag on the right was a little crushed. Our postman is always on a mission to fit a square peg in a round hole!

These are the lovely dog treats that I asked to try (not for me obviously) for my dogs. These are from BarkingHeads and are packed with lots of interesting natural ingredients such as dried carrot, apple and cranberry. (and isn't the packaging gorgeous?)

I gave the girls a couple of biscuits tonight and they were well received and so far no upset.

Review to follow.

For more details on the products available please see their website:


I got some more samples, from another very generous company. This time I got some cat food also and I will give Millie and Mollie a go on these at the weekend. and the dogs in a little while. 

Reviews to follow

For more info on these products (and burns pet also sell rabbit food) see their website:

The sample pack came with some really good marketing material, price list, product guide and a pet health book, really appreciated!

This isn't exactly a freebie but its pretty awesome and will make a big difference when we go for our next food shop (I also have a £5 off a £50+ spend shop so that £17 off which will come in really useful!)

Cookie x

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