Sunday, 21 June 2015

Chicken burgers using schwartz grill mates & Burger thins

I decided to use 2 of my recent freebies in one meal together and it was something of a success.
Here are the burger thins, they are exactly the same as the sandwich thinks except they are round as opposed to square. I got this freebie using the cashback app Shopitize.
A simple weekday meal of chicken burgers. It was really quick and effective and so so easy!
I haven't got an exact recipe but I will share with you how I made these.
Ingredients - I used 1 chicken breast per person, 1 shallot per person and about a tablespoon of panko breadcrumbs per person. 1/2 sachet of Schwartz grill mates smokey Texan flavour (I used 1/2 packet for 2 chicken breasts, how much or how little you add is up to you) a few sprays of oil and enough panko breadcrumbs to cover.
n.b - Panko breadcrumbs can be substituted with any kind of breadcrumb or similar (crushed cornflakes, oats, etc)
Method - In a food processor I put the shallots and blend finely. I then add the chicken breasts in chunks and blend until completely minced and combined with the onion. I then add the breadcrumbs and the grill mates marinade powder and combine by blending.
The mixture is quite sticky and is easy to then make into patties and cover in breadcrumbs (this is optional). I then coat a grill pan or frying pan with spray oil and fry when hot until the chicken is cooked through.
The flavour of the burgers was quite subtle and I would think next time of perhaps using a little more of the seasoning, what's great is you can swap and change according to your tastes.
The burger thins are a great low calorie option however they were a little too thin to cope with my chunky chicken burgers and  lots of mayo & salad so I would either try and make my burgers a little thinner and add less filling next time or use an alternative bap.
Have you tried any of these products? what did you think? perhaps you have some ideas of how they could be used? If you have any comments please leave me a message.
Thanks for reading!
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