Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pure Potions Review

So a couple of weeks of gone by and I have had a chance to test drive the products that the lovely people at Pure Potions kindly gave me to test and review.
This is a perfect, deep moisturising hand cream. I use it in addition to my usual hand cream as my usual hand cream is lighter and this is slightly heavy and more oily- it gives a nice protective barrier. However I tend to use this either first thing or last thing at night to really feel the benefit. I tend to use the lighter cream in the day time to save covering my key board in it and making all the doorknobs greasy (I do apply A LOT of hand cream throughout the average day.)
2. Skin Salvation Daily Moisturiser £13.99 for 100ml
I have been using this twice a day on my legs and it has made a real difference. My legs can get quite dry, especially after shaving. My legs have been a little neglected (poor weather in this country = trousers). I will definitely keep on top of this as my pins are now feeling lovely and smooth and as it's getting a little warmer I feel more comfortable getting them out without tights!

This cream has also been great for all over moisturising and can be used on sensitive skin. I had used fake tan which I usually react to and sure enough I got a really itchy, unpleasant rash from it- so I used this Skin Salvation Daily Moisturiser and it was so gentle on my skin, and helped my rash to settle in half the time it used to take.

Out of the products that I tried I used this the least but that's not to say that the product isn't fantastic. Its such a little lifesaver, I used this on my boyfriends rough skin on his hands and it has worked wonders! Each night I have alternated between the intensive hand cream and this moisturising ointment and in just a couple of weeks the skin between his fingers has transformed from sand paper to soft skin which is a great result. I also used this thick, intensive ointment on my rash as mentioned above. I used this on it when it first came up and it helped to make my skin feel super conditioned, I then used the daily moisturiser to keep on top of that.
I have to say that this is a great product range and it is gentle on sensitive skin, so is suitable for people of all ages with allsorts of skin types and conditions.
The products are natural and such focus isn't on the scent it is about the deep intensive moisturising power that these 'Potions' offer.
I love that these are products are natural and contain no parabens or other nasties and I like the fact that these are so versatile, they can be used anywhere on the body and they can be used in conjunction with so many skin complaints and conditions.
Have you tried these products? Are you looking for similar? If you have any questions about any of the products featured here please comment.
Thanks for reading.
Cookie x

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