Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Phileas Fogg Snacks - My thoughts

In May I posted telling you all about the Bzz Campaign that I had been given where I got to try Phileas Foggs crisps.

Below are the different types of snacks that Phileas Fogg have on offer, I have written my thoughts in purple below each of the product descriptions.

American Style Bubble Chips

Twice cooked for a satisfyingly light crunch. Louisiana Sweet & Smokey BBQ and Cheese & New York Deli Relish flavours.

I loved the texture of these crisps, they were relatively thin and had a really satisfying crunch but yet a crumbly texture. Both flavours were great, but if I had to choose one it would be the Louisiana Sweet & Smokey flavour.

Mexican Style Taco Rolls

Inspired by the classic tortilla corn snacks of Mexico. Nacho Cheese & Jalapeno and Cool Sour Cream & Onion flavours.

These are a rolled tortilla chip and as such they have a great crunch to them also. They are great for dipping as you can get the dip in the tube. Again I enjoyed both of these flavours but my personal favourite was the Cool Sour Cream & Onion flavour.

Indonesian Style Crackers

Melt in the mouth Indonesian style crackers are irresistible and perfect for dipping. Aromatic Spices & Sweet Chilli flavour.

I am yet to try these, they will probably feature in my next weekly shop. They sound lovely as I adore anything sweet chili flavoured.

Spanish Style Corn Chips

Inspired by the passionate flavours of Spain, but given a unique Phileas Fogg twist. Smokey Chorizo & Red Pepper flavour.

These were a similar texture to a tortilla chip but perhaps just a little softer and flakier. I really liked the strong smokey flavour with the hint of pepper for sweetness.

Overall I have to say out of the whole range there is one type I haven't tried and all the rest get a thumbs up from me. Perfect for parties, and sharing or for not sharing.. The only suggestion I had to make these a little better was personal, 1 serving sized packets (I believe the large bags contain 5 servings), this would be beneficial for people like myself who sometimes lack self control around delicious savoury snacks.

Cookie x

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