Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Tranquil Earth Spa Collection Candle - Sweet Pea

This candle arrived well packaged in a sturdy box with useful instructions and a safety warning.

The glass holder that the candle comes in is nice heavy frosted glass and it looks like a quality item.

You will see from the above image that there is a little dent in the top of the candle however I'm unsure as to whether this occurred during transit. To be fair it doesn't affect use in any way and after it was lit for the first time this became a total non issue.

The scent that I chose was sweet pea and it did not disappoint.

I find that sometimes flowery scents can be too subtle and other times they can be really strong and synthetic.

This particular candle was the perfect balance and smells really fresh and lovely - and this was before it was even lit. Once lit it did a great job of diffusing the beautiful aroma throughout my house which was soothing and was also appreciated by my other half.

For £15 you get approximately 50 hours of burning time which I think is really great value. I have used this a couple of times over the last week and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.

I would definitely recommend this to friends and family and it's something I'd be more than happy to receive or give as a gift.

Overall I'm very impressed with this product.

Check out their other products on they have 4 wonderful ranges to choose from which all offer some lovely scent combinations, another I would like to try is from their watercolour collection- Mango & Papaya flavour, it sounds wonderful!

These candles can also be purchased on Amazon by clicking HERE

*This product was received in exchange for an honest and unbiased review


  1. I've defo will check this out I need new candles x

  2. I totally recommend them, candles are an essential item after all! :-) x