Friday, 21 August 2015

Upbeat Protein Drinks

Hi all,

A little while ago Upbeat kindly sent me some vouchers so I could try their product and share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, I think that it's a great idea incorporating protein in a drink as it's not always easy to eat the daily recommended amount of protein unless you are eating a very high concentration of meat, eggs, pulses etc.

Protein drinks are not new, I know that, but these are ideal because they require no effort and are ready made for your convenience and enjoyment. They have  shelf life of up to 2 weeks I believe so this is ideal if say you only do a weekly shop, you can stock up for the week without the worry that your stock will go off!

They contain 20g of protein, are low in sugar and fat and contain less than 150 calories each, so already they are in my good books.

Also as below the drink comes in 4 flavours, so you have the gift of choice, out of the 4 I would have to say Mango & Passionfruit appeals to me the most, closely followed by Chocolate & Orange.

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So I went to my local Tesco armed with my vouchers, ready to make my flavour selections and to my dismay there was only 1 bottle of upbeat left on the shelf and it happened to be Strawberry flavour. (I haven't seen these in my local boots or WH Smiths either).

Strawberry wasn't my first choice, to be honest it's not usually my first choice but it did actually taste quite nice. More importantly I had some of this at breakfast and I didn't feel hungry afterwards, I am usually really hungry up until lunch. I had my lunch as usual and thought I'm bound to be my usual hungry self come 3 O clock, nothing, no cravings.. How odd! This actually works at making me feel fuller and therefore the need to pick is eliminated.

I went back to Tesco the following week and the week after and I'm sure you get the picture. I have to say these must be really popular in my local Tesco or they just aren't ordering enough. Unfortunately they don't appear to stock any other flavours so I have so far been unable to try the others.

I'll definitely keep an eye out though because I am intrigued and want to give the other flavours a go!

Cookie x

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