Wednesday, 16 September 2015

5 Quick Money Making Tips

Hi Everyone,

Recently I posted 5 Quick Saving Tips, this turned out to be a really popular and much viewed post so I thought I'd share with you another post with some more frugal living tips, this time rather than money saving I am focusing on making extra money!

  1. Sell, Sell, Sell - Have a good sort out, most of us have 'stuff', so much 'stuff' we don't know what to do with. The kind of 'stuff' will differ from person to person, but if your not using it, and your not going to - then SELL! I have recently started selling using local groups on facebook, mainly I have sold clothing that me and my partner don't use, this has been fairly productive. I have made a few hundred pounds and have managed to organise my a little more. You could sell on Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, or even locally at car boot sales.
  2. Make, Make, Make - Are you crafty or perhaps your talented in the kitchen? Is there something that you can make to sell at a profit; have a look into things such as jewellery, knitted/sewn items, candles, there is so many projects out there that you could turn into profit given the right skills and target market. Check out for inspiration on hand crafted items that you could make to sell. You could sell your hand crafted goodies at craft fairs, on Ebay or even using
  3. Surveys - Doing online surveys is another way to earn a couple of extra £££'s, these take a little while for the funds to mount up. If you have spare time then it could be worth a try. I am not the most patient person and have managed to earn just £50 using these over the last 2 years, but I really haven't been that proactive. Here's a list with some of the top survey sites to check out if your interested: Click here
  4. Rent out your space - Do you have a spare room? Maybe a parking space you don't need? Failing that, some spare storage space. You would rent a room, parking space or even some storage space.
  5. A bit on the side - This could be a weekend job or if you want something more temporary a Christmas or seasonal job. Casual work and odd jobbing is also another good way to make extra cash and you can work the hours you want and fit it in with your lifestyle.
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