Saturday, 5 September 2015

Juvela sample pack and recipe

Recently I signed up for the Juvela sample pack as I have seen this on quite a few freebiers videos.

Juvela are such a great company and the sample pack is very comprehensive and offers a great choice of gluten and wheat free products.

10 years ago there was nothing like the selection of gluten and wheat free goodies that you can buy these days.

I received each of the above items, they came in a huge box and it was such a fantastic freebie which I would recommend to anyone who wants to try gluten and wheat free products. To see me unboxing my Juvela pack please check out my Youtube video here!

The first thing that I have tried from this product range is their white rolls and I have to say they were rather good all things considered. On day one I have 1 with butter and pate, it is a different texture to ordinary bread and it is quite spongy.

I liked the taste but as with many gluten free products the texture was different. The next day I had the idea of heating the bread, we were having spaghetti Bolognese and didn't have any garlic bread in the house, so that is where experiment began.

The process is so simple. I heated the oven to about 190c, mixed butter, parsley, minced garlic salt and pepper. I spread the butter mixture onto the breads and added a little Parmigiana Regiano cheese.

I then whacked them in the oven for 10-15 minutes until golden...

..and voila! beautiful garlic bread which was enjoyed like any other garlic bread.

The trick to this gluten free bread is heat, it gives the bread a little crunch making it more convincing as BREAD!

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Cookie x

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