Friday, 11 September 2015

My Mission Statement

Hi Everyone,
I thought I'd just go through with you what I hope to achieve and why I have set up this blog.

For starters, yes it's called Frugal Cookie and that is because I want to be frugal, not a complete cheapskate.. I think there's a difference.

Although I've always liked a bargain I haven't always strived to scrimp and save. This came about when I bought my first house 3 years ago. I remember having to provide 3 months worth of bank statements to get my mortgage, I thought that they'd see that I can't save - because sure enough my money would go in and then back out again (mainly on shoes, clothes, makeup).

Before purchasing the house I was working full time and living with my folks so of course, I had spare income and whilst I put enough aside for a deposit I was by no means careful with money not to the degree that I try to be now.

At the time the prospect of showing the bank my statements I thought I should implement some changes, small things really -I stopped buying shoes on a weekly basis. I applied this theory to a lot of purchases that I made, and thankfully when it came around to providing my statements I was able to show that I wasn't always spending more than I was earning!

So, the mortgage gets approved and I go from paying very little rent at home to paying almost £500 each per month mortgage with bills on top. This got me to thinking I will have to take the changes already implemented and go further with them. I had never really budgeted and I am someone who likes control so for me I see it almost as a game, I am constantly setting myself goals and trying to measure my efforts.

3 Years on and we have re-visited our mortgage, interest rates are better than they were when we purchased the property so we should notice a saving already in terms of our monthly mortgage payment. I am now setting myself another goal/challenge and this isn't exactly unusual. I am determined to pay off my mortgage before the end of our term (27 years left).

My mortgage provider is good in the sense that they allow 10% overpayment each year without penalties enabling you to pay off quicker and meaning we pay less in the long run. Check out this motgage overpayment calculator.

Over the last three years I have made several tweaks to my lifestyle and spending habits, it's not happened overnight and there are still areas that I can improve upon.

My blog is designed to showcase what I've learned so far and to share with you my tips and tricks. This is a general lifestyle blog so will cover all topics money related from cooking to cleaning and beauty too. As I'm still learning I hope to have much more to share with you lovely readers.

I welcome comments, questions and queries. If you have any tips and advice that you would like to share that's alright too!

Cookie x

Excuse the mess, here's a bargain I picked up a long time ago in a charity shop. I think it set me back £35 (the cat cost more!)

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