Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Nourish Skincare Review

Recently I was sent the below beauties to try. I absolutely love this company, I had previously tried some of their products and my opinion of those was that they smelled lovely and left my skin feeling great. The occasion where I tried them was at a beauty spa so I didn't get all the details of the products used unfortunately. This prompted me to contact the company who were really helpful and matched some great products for my skin type.

Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum £20 for 30ml -This is a truly delicious serum, it smells like a freshly bitten apple and it made my skin feel so awake and refreshed. It was lovely and hydrating without being heavy or greasy. It really was amazing how much hydration came from a product that also took seconds to dry and absorb into my skin. It has made a noticeable difference to my skin and has given it a really wonderful natural glow!

Argan Skin Renew £25 - This product doesn't have a great deal of scent and it looks like your standard cream, not too thick or thin. I applied this to my skin after using the peptide serum - it glided beautifully over my cheeks and the rest of my face, it was well absorbed and felt really light yet it really packed a punch in terms of hydration. My skin felt very cared for and this lasted for a good length of time.

Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser £16.50 for 50ml - My guinea pigs love kale, come to think of it so do I, it tastes fantastic stir fried with sesame oil and is great in green smoothies but I had never considered applying this to my skin. This exfoliator is beautiful, so light and nourishing and with the small grains it gave a decent polish but importantly it didn't dry my skin out. The scent was beautiful, I expected it to simply smell of kale, however I sensed a hint of rose. 

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Finally this product can be used as a scrub, exfoliator or face scrub making it very versatile and an all round favourite.

Nourish is a fantastic company that offer a wide range of natural, vegan and organic products. Please take a look at their website to purchase or for more information on their products and to

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