Monday, 21 September 2015

Teissiere 0% Grenadine - Review

As part of a campaign for BzzAgent I was sent a bottle of Teissiere 0% Grenadine to try.

What's this then? Grenadine with sugar, no way.. YES!

I was a little dubious because grenadine is know for it's sickly sweet sugar kick, I have to say this didn't disappoint and had a fraction of the calories.

The bottle suggests having it as a drink with water, but for £3.50 ish, I would rather enjoy this with cocktails or prosecco. If I want cordial I will go out and Ribena or vimto.

This is especially lovely with chilled soda water or lemonade, nice and simple whilst also sweet and satisfying.

This also makes a really refreshing cocktail of vodka, orange juice, Teissiere 0%, lemonade and ice.

I would recommend this as an essential item for your cocktail cupboard.

Cookie x

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