Friday, 20 November 2015

Brand Vs Budget | Food | Crumpets

I don't know about you but I'm partial to a crumpet or two at the weekends. It's something I really only buy once a week as I don't have time usually in the mornings, but come the weekend they feature in 'Brunch'

I have always bought branded crumpets until last week when I picked up some Tesco Everyday Value crumpets just to see.

The first thing I noticed is that they contain less calories, because, yes they are smaller. With ordinary crumpets they are really thick and I think having tried the cheaper ones that they don't need to be so thick. I still have the same amount of crumpets but for less calories and less pennies, that can't be bad!

So, to be perfectly honest the cheaper ones are smaller but aside from that I didn't really notice a substantial difference and I am happy to continue buying the cheaper ones as opposed to the branded product. 

Whats the price difference you ask?


98kcals per crumpet
£0.89 per 6 = £0.15 each
£0.89 X 1 per week 52 = £46.28 per year
I have 3 per week X 98Kcal = 294kcals
294Kcals per week X 52 = 15,288 calories per year (not including the butter..)


73Kcal per crumpet
£0.37 per 6 = £0.06 each
£0.37 X 1 per week 52 £19.24 per year
I have 3 per week X 73Kcal = 219kcals
219Kcals per week X 52 = 11,388 calories per year (not including the butter..)

The saving from buying the Tesco own branded product 

Money = £46.28 - £19.24 = £27.04
Calories = 15,288kcals - 11,388kcals = 3,900kcals (nearly 2 days worth of calorie intake for women)

For me that's a great monetary saving which is also helping my waistline, whats not to like here? You still get your crumpets, you just get a little less and overall they cost you much less.

Cookie x


  1. Ohh I love crumpets! I just tried the new Warburtons giant ones and they are amazing! Definitely less value for money but I just can't go past a gigantic crumpet. x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Any gigantic food sounds pretty amazing. With these little skinny ones I feel better having them as they are not too naughty :-) but I am sure all of the butter that I lash on is! I will be having a look for those biggies though for novelty factor. x