Monday, 23 November 2015

Pevonia | Winter Relaxation Kit | Review

I have been waiting for an opportunity to have a real good pampering session, bath, prosecco (ended up with a chai latte), face mask the works.

This product helped me to achieve that spa feel in the comfort of my own home, because of the spa nature of these items I felt inclined to have my first bath of the year.. FYI I do take showers, daily.

The below products were sent to me as part of Pevonia's Winter Relaxation Gift Set. The set is £30 and can be purchased here, this works out £10 cheaper than buying the items individually and is such a lovely gift idea. There is also a smaller, travel sized version for £15, here (saving £9).

  • Pevonia Spa at Home Shower Gel (250ml) - This was really gorgeous and the scent of the Lemon Peel Oil really stood out and created a dreamy spa like sensation for me. It wasn't harsh on my skin and hours later I am still getting little bursts of the fragrance.
  • Pevonia Spa at Home Shampoo (250ml) - I was a little apprehensive about using a different shampoo but it was actually really good. The lather it created was ridiculously good and It made my little head massage feel amazing. Importantly now that my hair is dry, I can tell it is clean and also it appears to be in really great condition whilst also smelling delicious, with a hint of herbal rosemary.
  • Pevonia Spa at Home Conditioner (250ml) - I felt I had to leave the conditioner on for a little longer for a minute and I did need to run my fingers through certain parts of my hair to tackle some tangles, but other than that it left my hair feeling really soft and smelling wonderfully fresh.
  • Pevonia Spa at Home Body Moisturiser (250ml) - This was a really lovely and luxurious moisturiser, a little does go a long way and it smells divine. I would say dont apply too much as it can take a while to sink into your skin.
  • White Scrunchie - I didn't use this, they are something that I have had before and not something that I don't really use, it's just my preference, so I will pass this on to someone who will get some use out of it.
I was really happy with this kit, it included everything required for a relaxing spa like experience at home, and what's even better is that this experience can also be achieved in the shower.

It's a great little gift set and definitely one that I would purchase as a gift and also be happy to receive as a gift, yes it's quite a bit more expensive than the Nivea, Lynx and other high street gift sets but it is a really luxurious and high end version that's well worth the extra spend.

Cookie x

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