Monday, 2 November 2015

Herpatch | Review

Herpatch Coldsore Serum £7.99 for 5g 

I received a free trial of Herpatch from

They asked that a review could be completed within 10 days, I was unsure of whether I would have a cold sore in this time.

I haven't yet had a full blown cold sore, touch wood, but I have had the initial tingling stage.

Within the instructions it advised that this product can be used at each stage of the cold sore from the initial tingling and throughout the cycle.

I felt the tingle before bed and in my usual panic I thought what should I do? I have a little electrical device which I usually use in the hope that it will help, but truth be told it hasn't given any astonishing results so far.

So, I decided to try the product, it's described as a device and I'm not sure why as it's a cream/serum.

The cream promised to create a protective film, I have used similar products which promise similar things, however this really worked and what's more the film was still there the next morning and even better it was alone and not accompanied by a cold sore. So far I am really happy with the results. I am interested to see what this product can do for a cold sore in the next stage, once I come across this scenario I will probably share my next experience on here with you.

Cookie x

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