Friday, 30 October 2015

FLINT+ FLINT Hand Hero with SPF | Review

I contacted FLINT + FLINT to ask if I could review one of their products, they kindly agreed and they sent me a hand cream - they couldn't have chosen better.

Basically, just as a little background for those of you who don't know me - I am a hand cream junkie!

I apply at least 20 times per day and it's my thing, in the grand scheme of things its not a bad addiction to have.. all the door handles in my house are a little greasy but aside from that it's not really an issue.

Usually I use a Vaseline hand cream in an aloe vera scent and I have been using that for 5+ years, because I have stuck with the same one I am quite fussy and struggle to get on with other hand creams as well.

Flint + Flint SPF Hand Hero - £24 for 75ml

This Hand Hero feels really lovely on my skin and absorbs quite quickly, it doesn't leave a greasy film and it smells beautiful - like popcorn!

It has left my hands feeling really good and I haven't needed to reapply as often.

The price tag on this product is quite high but it is a really lovely quality item, I probably wouldn't buy this all year round and use it as religiously as my current cream mainly due to the price.

It's a product that I would buy myself as a little treat and I would probably use this more during the summer for it's SPF protection which is important all year around, but especially so in the summer months.

This is a nice product to buy for someone as a gift and it's definitely something I wouldn't mind receiving as a gift.

Although this product may seem a little expensive it's important to remember that Flint + Flint are a family run business who's products are made in England. Their products are beautifully packaged and they keep a keen eye on quality and ingredients/formulas.

They do a great range of products, I personally would love to try their Exfoliator 2x, Lip Hero and their Enzyme Mask.

Their products don't end their either, they do moisturisers, facial washes, candles and all sorts of other great products. I would highly recommend taking a look at their website

Cookie x

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