Monday, 26 October 2015

Frugal forages | Blackberries | Tomatoes

About 2 weeks ago I dragged my other half along blackberry picking.

It's very spiky, so be careful - but there was an abundance of these along one of our quiet roads on the island.

We were probably picking for about half an hour and we got near to 900g of berries, for nothing!


Over the next week this made 2 Blackberry, apple and date crumbles and a pie - best of all the blackberries didn't cost a thing.

If this is something your interested in its definitely worth a go, last year I got a huge haul of these that I ended up freezing a large batch and making jam to last for months.

This is somewhere between pie and crumble, I didn't have enough pastry for the top, so thought on my feet. With some salted caramel ice cream this went down a treat.

Mmm Pie!

Finally, on the subject of foraging I have harvested the last of my Romanian Dwarf tomatoes, here are the lovely and sweet little beauties.

Did you grow any goodies this year? Or perhaps you've been foraging, please leave me a comment below.

Cookie x


  1. I live in a condominium so I unfortunately do not have space for a garden but seeing this post I am wanderlusting for one!! The blackberries look delicious!! =)

    Melanie | Toots & Dill

  2. Hi Melanie, Thanks for your comment. The blackberries were sourced from the side of the road :-) I live in the countryside (sort of), I dont have a garden but I do have a little space outside where I have managed to grow tomatoes, bell peppers aubergines and much more in just standard pots. For bigger items, my folks live down the road and I borrow their garden. I would love to get an allotment plot though as I love growing food ;-)