Friday, 8 January 2016

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I was recently given the opportunity to try a new deodorant. I have used aerosols for atleast 15 years and thought it may be worth trying an alternative as I know aerosols aren't great for the planet. They are also a little wasteful as the fine mist sprays far and wide so not all is applied to the underarm where you want it. I haven't used a roll on for a long while so was a little apprehensive as to whether I'd get on with it, I'm a little lazy so waiting ages for something to try doesn't really appeal to me. So what did I think?


PitROK Berry Burst Roll-On Deodorant 50 ml for £4.05

This is really lightly scented and pleasant to wear. My underarm skin felt lovely and soft and most importantly it didn't feel sticky and didn't take too long to dry. This is a little more expensive than the spray I currently use, however over the past few weeks the product has hardly gone down in volume, so although it costs a little more on the outset it lasts much longer than a spray bottle.


PitRok Crystal Natural Spray Deodorant 100ml @ £4.05

This deodorant isn't scented. It is a moist spray unlike the aerosols, it takes a similar amount of time to dry. The lack of scent is good as it doesn't interfere with your perfume like some strong smelling deodorants can. 

This is also better value than the roller version above, with twice the amount of product for the same price. As it's a spray you probably do waste a little, but it's no where near as much waste as with an aerosol can.

Again, this kept my skin feeling nice and cared for.


So to summarise, these were a real hit. If I'm feeling lazy or in a complete rush I reach for the aerosol, however all the rest of the time I am using these as they are better for me and the planet.

And what's more these dont contain any nasty ingredients such as parabens SLS/SLES propylene glycol or silicone and they aren't tested on animals.

Cookie x

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