Monday, 4 January 2016

Craft Projects for 2016 | Pinterest

For the past 2 years I have been pinning ideas to boards on Pinterest, however I haven't taken things any further.  

This year I want to give some of the projects that I have pinned a try, why bother pinning them unless I am going to do something with it. I am so happy to go on Pinterest and pin and pin and pin, so for a change I want to take a break from that and try some of these fab ideas out.

So I am going to try the below, I think one thing that might help me to commit to doing these is to assign a day/time, for instance each Sunday I will complete one of the projects.

The above looks so simple and appears to use minimal materials, and made in mass could be really beautiful decoration on fabrics and crafty projects.More details on this project can be found here

Again the above looks to be fairly simple, hopefully it doesn't just look easy, but I wont know until I try it. Instructions are found here, yes they aren't in English but the photos look quite explanatory. 

Yet another fabric embellishment, I have chosen these to ease me into some small crafty projects as I think I will be more likely to stick with it and commit the time to it if I think its going to be a quick win, For more information see here

I love these cute little button decorations and the use of crochet is great, I think these are a nice quick project. Again the instructions aren't in english, however the web page is easily translated, and I am familiar with crochet so with this one I can see just from looking at them how to do them. For more info see here 

So this one is a little different, I'm sure most of us have an old light bulb somewhere or will soon be in possession of on. See here for instructions, in Hungarian, however these can easily be translated.

I hope to have tried at least one of these little projects by the end of the first quarter.

I'd love to hear if you have any projects in the pipeline or if you have tried any of the above.

Cookie x


  1. I do the same thing...Pin beautiful projects and never attempt them!! This is definitely going to change this year! I've done the simple rosettes in the first picture and they are as simple as that! They look really cute and you just need to be careful not to pull the thread so tight it breaks! =) Love the hot air balloon light bulbs! =) Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Melanie, I hope I don't fall into the usual trap. Any projects that I started last year remain unfinished, I don't know where the year went! The bulbs are pretty but I'm not sure what I'd do with them afterwards. x