Monday, 8 February 2016

A Cheap Week!

Last summer I went a bit over board and spent too much, then during the months after I kept going overboard, until now. It MUST stop!

So I started with my food shop, this week my boyfriend has gone away for work so I am on my own.I still managed to spend £77 in Tesco though..I suppose it's not so bad, I got cat food and biscuits, 3 greetings cards and 3 bunches of flowers i addition to the guinea pig veggies and a little something for me (food).

I got the ready prepared chicken breasts which are on a 3 for £10 usually and are fairly low in fat and calories. These contain 2 chicken breasts each, so I am having for dinner each night and the other I am adding to pasta and salad for my lunch the next day, I had my first one last night and am having chicken Cesar salad for lunch today. 

I'm going to my mums for dinner tonight, so that's one day I don't need to cook or do any dishes, hopefully! Other than that I will be living off what's in the cupboards and what's in the freezer, I definitely wont starve. 

My challenge to myself is to not spend any money, not to need to do any mid week shops and generally to keep my purse firmly SHUT :-) Let's see how this goes!

Cookie x

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