Monday, 22 February 2016

Korres Makeup Review | February 2016

I'm really excited to share these wonderful natural products with you.

I have been so lucky to be able to try these in order to share my thoughts you all.

As you will see from previous posts I am a big fan of this brands, however I have predominantly tried their shower gels and body creams so far and haven't really touched upon their makeup much.

So here are the products that I tried along with what I thought.

Wild Rose CC (Colour Correcting) Cream £26 for 30ml - Can be purchased here 

Last summer I tried a BB cream for the first time and was astonished with the results, I have now tried this CC cream and have been wowed once again. It's so light yet manages to help iron out the appearance of imperfections. It's not really heavy coverage but I don't wear makeup for any reason other can concealing a few freckles which is does rather well. It gives such a beautiful glowing and dewy look to the skin and has been really kind and gentle, not causing any outbreaks or sensitivity. I only apply a thin layer but I think with more of this product you can achieve a higher level of coverage should you want it.

Black Volcanic Mineral Mascara £17 for 8ml - Can be purchased here 

I thought I had found the one, until this mascara came along. I couldn't believe just how amazing this is, it's got one of those lovely thick bristle brushes that I love and it does a great job making each eyelash stand out and look voluminous! It lasts really well throughout the day and does need a fairly strong eye makeup remover to assist with removal.

Mango lip butter £8 for 6g - Can be purchased here

These lip butters are really nourishing and leave my lips feeling super soft and cared for. This mango one is particularly delicious in scent and has a pleasant taste too just in case you accidentally consume some.. I really love the coral orange colour of this product which isn't too bright and gives a nice look to the lips making them really kissable.

To summarise I have loved using these products, I'd find it difficult to name a favourite of these 3 as I love them all for their individual properties. I was blown away by the mascara and couldn't believe how much volume it added to my lashes. The CC is now a regular in my morning routine and eliminates the need for foundation or heavy makeup. As for the lip butter, these are a fab everyday staple which I love to have in my bag or at my desk.

The finished look

Please check out my video review below for my full thoughts on the products!

Cookie x 


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