Friday, 8 April 2016

W7 In the buff palette - The Review

In my quest for trying bargain beauty I came across the 'In the Buff' palette from W7, this is said to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow palette. I dont have that palette, it's perhaps on my list of things to save up for as it retails at £38.50.

This palette retails at £9.99 on their website, so is a fraction of the price of the Urban Decay palette. I picked mine up cheaper than this, £5.99 from TK Maxx, so it was really fab value for a 12 colour palette in a neat tin. (currently on Amazon for £5.70). So even if you pay full price for this set you get each shadow for less than a pound each and a really nice hard wearing tin that contains them, so I'd start by saying this is fantastic value.
There is a really good range of colours within this palette, they are all the same size, and one thing I will say is that for the light base colour it would be really great to have this as a larger block as this gets used the most, however to make up for this there is 2 light base colours. 4 of the colours are matt whilst the others have some level of sheen. 
Texture wise these could be a little more blendable but they are really pigmented and have great colour pay off, these as best to build up slowly rather than going in with too much from the start.
Now that this palette has been used a lot and I've hit pan on a few of the colours I have noticed the quality has started to diminish slightly. This is still usable and does have life left but the texture has changed slightly.
If I had to score this palette out of 10 I would say a good 7, there are better quality palettes, but with quality comes higher prices. I think this is really good value and is perfect for anyone on a budget or someone starting out with makeup. It's a really comprehensive palette colour wise and will create some really amazing everyday and dramatic eyeshadow looks, and even the perfect smoky eye!.
I’d love to hear your opinion on this – do you have this palette? What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
Cookie x

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