Saturday, 23 May 2015


Last Sunday I emailed several companies to ask if they would provide me any samples for my cats to try (I also mentioned we have dogs 'family dogs').

I have had such a positive response and the companies that have given samples have been really generous.

Initially I saw thrive samples on several YouTube users videos and thought I would give some other companies a try. I went onto the pets at home website (as we have a local store so I would be able to purchase the foods locally going forward.) I went through the list of companies that sell cat food, discounted ones that we have already tried and went on from there sending emails.
Excluding those that have already been devoured ;-)

Less than a week later and I have received 40+ samples from various companies (20 from
Thrive Pet Foods - big thank you to them!) and £6.50 worth of vouchers to spend!

Some goodies from Purina ONE to try, along with a very generous £5 voucher!

 Money off coupons for Harringtons pet food!

Suprisingly enough, Millie and Mollie were very interested in what the postman brought!  

I will do further posts on each of these companies once the cats have had a chance to sample the goodies!

Cookie x 

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