Tuesday, 26 May 2015

SENSATIONAIL REVIEW - SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit

Last December I went through a phase of getting acrylic nails and gel polish, costing me up to £30 per month. With this in mind my boyfriend bought me the sensationail Delux kit for Christmas (currently half price £55 on Boots,I think my boyfriend paid £65 and I would say even that was a bargain).

I had been researching DIY gel nail polish and hunting on Ebay for the items, checking out the cheapest way to do it. I don't want acrylics all year round but the idea to long lasting nail polish appealed to me.
The kit is really comprehensive and contains everything you could possibly need in order to achieve high gloss gel nails which last for weeks on end. The kit contains enough product for 20 manicures which averages out at 3.25 per manicure (and obviously once you have the lamp and removal tool its just a case of restocking on the other items so it will in fact work out a little cheaper going forward!)
Below is what the kit contains
  • SensatioNail Pro 3060 LED lamp with mains adaptor
  • Two full size colour polishes - Pink Chiffon & Raspberry Wine (7.39ml each)
  • Full size base/top coat (7.39ml)
  • Full size Cleanser (27.2ml)
  • Primer (3.54 ml)
  • 1 each Silver & Gold Glitter Puffers
  • Two packs of 12 Lint-free wipes & buffer
  • SensatioNail Removal Tool - I lost mine, and I'm so gutted as this really aided removal a lot! (it's jut not as easy using a metal spoon! I will have to replace mine)
  • Also included in this kit are 2 Glitter puffers in Silver & Gold

  • The kit gives cards with application and removal instructions and also gives inspiration and techniques.
    It really is simple to apply the polish - see video Application
    I have found removal a little more tricky, but I think this is because I have misplaced my removal tool. see video for demo Removal
    It really was easy and quick and as soon as the gel has been cured under the LED lamp the nail is dry. I was dubious about touching them at first to apply the cleanser, but once you do that seems to take any tackiness of the top and leaves you with smooth and polished, shiny, professional looking nails!
    This was quick too, 60 seconds to cure colour polish and 30 seconds to cure the base top layers! What's great is there is no need to make an appointment, you can do it before /after work, fit it in quickly, or really take your time over it - its completely up to you! Yes it's still nice to have someone else do it for you from time to time, but this is a great quick fix and is so damn convenient.
    Sensationail claims that you get 2 weeks chip free wear out of the product and I would go as far to say that in my experience I have exceeded this and get 3 weeks for my fingers and longer on my toes, its excellent!
    There is a real great range of colours to choose from also and you can experiment with glitter and rhinestones too! I have used other brands of the polish and whilst they do work under the lamp and they look ok, I have to say that the quality and results aren't quite as good as those that I achieve from Sensationail's products.
    You can check out their range by visiting their website here, or visiting boots website here
    I would really like to try their removal kit and products, along with their Easy Off Gel Nail Base Coat as my only issue occurs when trying to remove the product. I would also love to try Fuse which is by the same company Fuse

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