Friday, 29 May 2015

Thrive Cat Food - Review

I have tried the girls on the Thrive food and treats, here's how it went
Overall score 7/10
This would have been higher but one cat loves this stuff and the other won't touch the treats and unfortunately wouldn't touch the wet food either - sure you can guess, as usual Millie is a little dustbin and Mollie is not keen. I don't know if Mollie is perhaps just confused by it because it's all fairly natural unlike Felix and cheaper brands that consist of brightly coloured biscuits and unidentifiable 'Meat'.
The treats look to be
dried chunks of chicken and fish, and therefore I would assume that these are healthier for my pets, there appears to be no artificial colours, flavours or additives that's for sure.

Mollie tastes chicken Thrive tinned food
I was very impressed with the quality of the tinned food, this above smelled really pleasant and chicken like.

Mollie 'fusspots' left overs

I cant believe Mollie left this, my other cat practically hovered hers up and has each time I have fed her on it!

Millie's bowl which was empty within a couple of minutes!

The above is the ocean seafood flavour and I have to say Millie devoured this, it smelt extra fishy and I was able to identify bits of seafood in here as opposed to cheaper cat food that is all uniform in shape and you have no idea what's even in it!
I would say Thrive is good quality and very good value for money based on this, its just a shame that Mollie didn't take to it otherwise it would have been a keeper!
I'm very grateful to Thrive for sending me the products enabling me to try my cats on it.

The taste Panel

Fussy Fussy Mollie

 Cookie x


  1. Our furry little madam still only likes a brand of food for a maximum of 2 or 3 days! Your two are very cute :)

  2. Thank you, they are little monkeys! It's a pain swapping and changing isn't it! I did read in one of the booklets that Burns pet food provided me with, that they are simply not hungry if they aren't eating their food, but I think it comes down to preference too. I know I'd be fed up eating the same thing every single day too! :-)