Monday, 1 June 2015

This weeks freebies

Today through the post I got 2 packets of forthglade cat food. I just wrote to them asking if I could try them, They look like pate, hopefully the cats will give them a try! (sorry the photo quality isn't great.)
X2 90g packets
Orchard at Tesco, Summer Berries and Cherries campaign.
So for this campaign you get £3 to spend on cherries and berries and 3 X 50p off coupons to give out to your friends. Its a very simple campaign. Taste the berries, rate them, review them,
tell your friends etc!  
Coupons for Tesco Berries and Cherries
Aveeno daily moisturising lotion sample which was on
I have also had a great development, I have written to asking if have some products to try and review. They agreed :-) and I will be trying some of their products and sharing my experiences and review on here, watch this space!
Thanks for reading.
As always, feel free to comment, ask any questions, etc!
Thanks for reading
Cookie x


  1. Thanks Emily, it's getting quite addictive now! :) xx