Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My skincare routine

I am looking to try some new skin products, so I thought I'd go through my current regime and what I'm looking for in skincare products.
My skin is fair, very freckly and I would say it's dry to combination (combination around the T zone)
I'm 27, so I don't need a really thick moisturiser or major anti wrinkle treatments but I do need to take care of my skin.
Since I was 16 I have used Clinique's 3 step products (I did swap to Simple products for a while when I was a student and couldn't afford Clinique.) I am happy with what I use, but if there's something better out there I would like to know.
I start my day wish a face wash using the liquid facial soap mild, it's £16 for 200ml so not cheap but not the most expensive I've encountered either. (Simple's face wash retails at £3.49 for 150ml just to put Clinique's pricing into perspective). This product is not scented, it gives a good lather and a very squeaky clean finish.
I do also from time to time use the bar soap, this is great for travelling, again its unscented and you get an excellent clean fresh feeling from this too, this feels a little more stringent that the liquid soap and can make your skin feel a little tight. It's priced at £15 for 150g, which I'm sure you will agree is expensive for a soap bar.
The formula of this No 2 clarifying lotion changed a couple of years ago I believe, I remember it smelling different and taking me a little while to get used to again. Sometimes I use this after taking my makeup off and low and behold there's more makeup. This gives my skin a nice fresh feeling and then I'm ready to add some moisture. when I first started university I ran out of this and couldn't afford a new bottle and I really struggled to feel human not having this product to use. £26 for 400ml (Simple's facial toner is £3.29 for 200ml), the price has gone up since I first started using this product, what I will say is that the bottle is large and the amount you need to use is small so a bottle lasts me around 6-8 months.
Finally, at current I am using the dramatically different moisturiser. It's £29 for 125ml (Simple's daily moisturiser is £4.50 for 125ml). This is a nice light moisturiser and I tend to use a thin layer of this in the warmer months of the year. It's also unscented and gentle to my skin.
During the winter months I like to use Clarins HydraQuench Cream, this is a nice thick cream and perfect for the colder months. I find that the wind and cold weather really takes its toll on my skin so I try extra hard to look after it with this. This is £35 for 50ml so is definitely an investment item. Perhaps this is why I only use it during the winter..
I am really looking forward to trying the products that has kindly offered to send me to try and review.
Another thing I am hoping to post soon is a listing of upcoming items that I will complete reviews for. The other thing that I am planning on posting is 10 products that I cant live without.
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