Friday, 26 June 2015

Freebies from 12 June - 26 June

I know it's been a little while since I put up a freebie post, I've been waiting for them to mount up and here they are.
1. Lacoste perfume sample- came from a link found on
2. Again, so did the PG tips tea bag, which when you open it also has a 50p coupon
3. The Sunbites crackers came from SOPOST, I applied for these a good few weeks ago now, me and my other half did - but only he received a pack
4. The little bag full of sachets came from Germaine de Capuccini, for this I completed some questions about my skin type and the samples of the corresponding products were sent - this is great as you are getting exactly what you need. I will be giving these a try soon. To complete the questionnaire about your skin and hopefully receive some samples here is the link -
5. Top Collar Box I joined , they essentially send graze boxes for dogs (£4.49 per box which includes P&P, and I must say the packaging is lovely!). On their website they have an offer for the first box for £2.99, however I had a little look on google and managed to find a code for a free box, with these you just need to make sure that your subscription is cancelled before the next payment is due to go out, if don't wish to continue. I so far have just had the one box for my mum's dogs to try, and no doubt if the treats go down well she may sign up.
6. Malin + Goetz, these weren't strictly a sample, (my mum passed them on to me), I believe they were possibly from a magazine? maybe TK Maxx? I'll have to check.
They are great, travel size items - Grapefruit face cleanser, Vitamin E Moisturiser  and a lip moisturiser. I had actually written to ask if I could try some samples and I got a very nice email from them, but unfortunately as they are US based they don't offer direct samples.
7. Philips Sonicare Airfloss - Again, another non freebie (technically), this was a gift from my parents and I am looking forward to having a proper go of this. I have used a waterpik for about 4 years, this was great when I had a plug socket in my bathroom. I have since moved house and don't have a plug socket in there, it's not so simple to use now as it has a chamber on the back which holds quite a bit of water making it not so portable. I will put up a review of this soon. 

8. Coca Cola Zero & Kingsmill burger thins - I have been trying out the cashback apps Shopitize and Checkout smart. I downloaded these from Google play. I got the inspiration for this from 'Coupon Crazy Cat Lady', she talks about these apps on her Youtube videos and I thought they were definitely worth a try. Here is her Youtube channel CouponCrazyCatLady and here is her fantastic blog

9. Oatly Milk  - I recently wrote about writing to a company called Oatly in my post from 12 June They kindly gave me £7.50 worth of vouchers, as per above I initially bought a plain one and a chocolate one and then several days later I bought another 3 chocolate ones with the remaining vouchers, so 5 large cartons of milk is good going I'd say. The chocolate milk is lovely and the same amount of calories as semi skimmed milk. I will do a review on these and post some recipes , depending on how I use these. I am not in a rush as the sell by date is nearly a year from now. (these can sometimes be found in the fridge, but predominantly I have found them with the UHT milks)

10. Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous - This was on the Ainsley Harriott food facebook page. The offer has ended but it's worth liking companies on facebook as from time to time they will have freebies and samples. This Moroccan medley flavour isn't something I would usually choose so a free sample is a great way of getting people to try the products and perhaps changing their minds on the flavours.

10. Kore Skin care- Serum and a repair cream, these are presented in what looks like a contact lens case, not a bad idea! Again these were from I don't think they'e still available.

11. Ren Vita Mineral Lip Balm - This was free on this months red magazine, the lip balm is usually £9 and the magazine £3.50 so it's definitely worth the spend if this is something you usually buy. I have been using this recently and its a great product.

Sorry this was kind of a long post, hopefully the pictures made it a little more interesting. As always please feel free to comment, follow and share.

Cookie x


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