Saturday, 4 July 2015

Oatly - Review

A little while back I wrote to the Swedish company 'Oatly' - see blog post here.
They specialise in dairy products which are made primarily from oats! They do a really exciting range of products as opposed to just milk which I think sets them apart from other dairy alternative companies. Unfortunately as I live on an Island we have limited supermarkets in which to shop in and I can only get my hands on their plain milk, organic milk and best of all chocolate milk. I would have loved to be able to try other products that they offer such as their breakfast drinks, energy drinks, oatgurts and ice creams! For more information on this wonderful brand and their products check out their website.

Firstly the taste of this was very pleasant, slight oaty as you would expect and as such I'd say this product would be perfect for use with porridge, or cereals. I preferred the chocolate flavour of course and I couldn't get enough of this. Out of the 5 bottles we have had to date 4 have been chocolate flavoured. I have found this to be a very versatile product, I have used it in tea and coffee and whilst it doesn't sit as well as some other milk alternatives the flavour is still great.

I have found it is important to give this  shake every time you use it otherwise it's heavier at the bottom of the carton and slightly watery at the top.

I was impressed with the calorie content the chocolate flavour is 55 calories per 100ml and the organic is just 35 calories per 100ml which I think is fantastic when compared to plain semi skimmed milk which is 49 calories per 100ml (so for an extra 6 cals per 100ml you can have chocolate milkshake? WIN!) for details on nutritional values on any of their products visit their website.

Semi Skimmed Milk 49 Calories per 100ml

Whats also great is that I have been able to use these products just like real milk and its delicious, my partner keeps going to the fridge and swigging the chocolate milk.

I have used the plain flavour in a white sauce which worked well and I have used the chocolate flavour in baking (150ml in my choco banana cupcakes and a glug in my chocolate marble cake). Both cakes turned out lovely and moist and I'd say that the chocolate milk added something to the flavour of the cupcakes too!

This product is definitely a keeper and I will keep on buying this. Another great thing is that its a very similar price to milk, £1.39 for the plain 1L bottle and £1.49 for the chocolate flavour, also it lasts for at least 5 days after opening and this product can be found in the fridge or in amongst the UHT milks, as its not real dairy it has a really long sell by date and doesn't need to live in the fridge which is great - I can stock up!

Big thanks to the team at oatly for making this trial possible! It's much appreciated and you have definitely got a new customer. I now just need to see if our Tesco would be willing to stock some of the other products!

Thanks for reading.

As usual if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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