Friday, 12 June 2015

Freebies, products and samples

Here is what I have received over the last few days
I contacted and asked for some samples of Chantecaille products, some of which retail at £90 -£200+ per pot so it's worth trying these things to see what all the hype is about before making a purchase! They kindly put in a variety of samples.
The other items I have is £7.50 worth of vouchers to spend on Oatly, again I emailed these and told them I was interested in trying their product as it sounds like a great alternative to dairy. I got a really positive response and I am really looking forward to trying their products. I don't think our Tesco stocks the complete range but I am hopeful I can try a variety. For information on this company and their product range please visit: I would recommend that you do as their products sound amazing for those of you looking to try a dairy alternative for whatever reason.
My other half  and I sent each other a Kiehls Midnight recovery, these are available still I believe checkout:
Finally, another sopost freebie that we received was these Shwartz Grill mates, I have purchased these before and they're great as I tend to make chicken and rice to take to work. I chose some flavours that I hadn't tried and possibly wouldn't have - so this was a good one.
Again these are still available, you can send one to a friend and of course ask your friend to send one back, visit
Cookie x

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