Sunday, 5 July 2015

Recent freebies

Here's what I received this week
1. Not strictly a freebie but not far off. I wrote to purina a few months ago and they gave me a £5 coupon. I used this to purchase this bag of Purina one (I had also received samples of this which the cats seemed to like) the bag was £5.25, meaning I had just 25p to pay.
2. Oz Naturals
- I got this as part of Brand Backer - see their website for opportunities to trial products. Its on an application basis and usually most products are for US users only, but occasionally there will be one that includes the UK. I got an email advising that I was chosen to do a trial and received a code to use with the product on amazon making it free. I also got free P&P so this was completely free and all I need to do is provide an honest review. I am looking forward to giving this a try as I use a couple of different facial scrubs and will be able to compare.
3. The 2 small bottles of Glenlivet whiskey were a SOPOST, fathers day special.
4. The Radox wasn't free but was very cheap using Shopitize, It was 90p in Tesco and I then got 45p back using the Shopitize app.
5. Frizz Ease - I believe this was a magazine sample
6. The Hartleys strawberry jelly was another Shopitize deal, I got 50p cash back and this was 47p in Tesco.
7. £1 Pataks Voucher, I emailed them asking if I could try their product.
8.  X2 7ml bottles of Genifique serum, this was another SOPOST freebie
9. Trophy dog food samples - there was a form on their website to request a free sample, for yours visit their website -
10. Finally £4 worth of SACLA vouchers, I wrote to them advising that I would like to try their products and that I would like to use them to create quick weekday meals. I will get some of their products on my next weekly shop and come up with some easy meals- more details coming soon and maybe some recipes.
I have found a couple of freebies using the freebie sites over the last couple of days, see the below links for some.
Great sources for the latest freebie finds are
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