Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Freebies from 19/07/2015 - 25/07/2015

Here are the freebies that I received last week.
1. Samples from EVE LOM, I have seen this on a few youtube videos. I just emailed the company asking if they have any samples - contact them here
2. Dr Organic samples, again this is on many videos at the moment and this was another company I emailed asking to try - contact them here
3. Faith in nature, check out their website. Like Dr Organic they have a huge selection of wonderful sounding scents and flavours. - contact them here
4. Sunsense sun cream samples - contact them here. I got this idea from Ambers blog
5. Oz Naturals - I was able to try this for free using all I need to do is to give an honest and unbiased review. Watch this space for my review.
6. Treat pouch from - I was lucky enough to get these free of charge to try on my pooches. for this I sent a message on facebook
I will be doing a review on this product so again please watch this space.
7. Upbeat coupons - I emailed asking to try in exchange for a review, they sent me £2 off in coupons and a further 2 £1.79 coupons which should each cover the cost of a bottle. I went to Tesco on Sunday to purchase these and they were running low, only 4 bottles left and they were all strawberry flavour, I am going to check again this week for another flavour. contact them here     
8. CIF Express floor cleaner - This was £1 in Tesco and I had a £1 coupon from
I did a freebie video for most of these items - here is my VIDEO
A couple more items I received that I forgot to photograph but have been included in my subsequent videos are
1. X3 bags of Jacobs Cracker crisps (Sweet Chili, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar), not technically my freebie, it was my boyfriends campaign, but he has to share :-)
2. A purrfect box from this came with a selection of cat toys and treats and I only had to pay £2.90 postage- details of the contents can be found at the end of this video and the rest of
3. Samples from Sothys, saw this on many blogs and videos -
Thanks for reading
Cookie x

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