Friday, 31 July 2015

Lipcote - Review

At just £3.69 (from boots) this is a beauty must have and an absolute bargain. 1 small bottle contains 100 applications and importantly this product works.

I tried this with a bright lipstick - I find they look great for about half an hour, a drink or meal later and its gone. I seldom wear bright lipsticks purely because they don't seem to stay on and it's much more noticeable when they're fading throughout the day.

To this situation I now know the solution is easy, Lipcote.

           Just applied                                         2 hours later                          5 hours later

I managed to keep my lipstick looking fresh after a workout, a meal, several glasses of wine and many kisses. This product is definitely a keeper.

The instructions are simple; apply your lipstick, blot, apply a coat of lipcote (it's just like applying nail polish), leave this to try and repeat the process once more. This left my lips looking bright and beautiful with colour that wasn't budging which is exactly what I wanted.

This product did make my lips tingle a little at first and it doesn't smell great but these issues are so temporary they're not worth worrying about!

Lipcote can be purchased at all the major pharmacies and also online, for further details see their website -

To show you how great this product is I did a little experiment with some tea cups, one I sipped from with lipstick applied and no Lipcote and the other with lipstip and Lipcote, the difference is impressive!
Lipstick with no Lipcote

Lipstick with Lipcote
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