Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nair Lavender Mist Wax Strips

This product was sent to me courtesy of Toluna.

I have used DIY wax products before, I currently use Veet easy wax roll on which I really like.

It's been a little while since I used wax strips and this is primarily because I thought they are quite messy and weren't as effective as some other methods.

Wax strips that I have used in the past have been backed on paper/fabric which is more pliable, these are on plastic which is somewhat stiffer however this didn't pose an issue.

They smell very pleasant

I used the following steps

1. Warm the strip between hands
2. Pull strip apart into 2 separate strips
3. Apply 1 strip to leg and smooth with hand put other down plastic side down

4. Pull skin taut and pull off strip back on itself

5. Repeat with the other side of the strip,
6. Repeat process until hair is all gone!
7. Use after wax oil wipe provided to moisturise legs and remove any wax residue

One thing that wasn't easy to do was my knees, the wax kept coming off the strip onto my knee and not removing any hair, it seems that the strips are too large for this area. It would be a great idea if this kit was designed with knees in mind and perhaps they threw some smaller strips into the mix. In order to make this a little easier for myself I used an old pair of scissors and cut one wax strip into 4 pieces which I used in the same way on my knees, the smaller strips worked much better to remove those pesky hard to get hairs!

This isn't the most painful waxing experience I've ever had but there are less painful hair removal methods - I wouldn't recommend using these anywhere other than legs!

After waxing my legs were quite red but this soon went away leaving me with very smooth soft legs.

I would probably use this product if I was travelling as it's portable unlike my roll on which is quite heavy.

Have you used these or something similar? Please comment, share your experiences.

Cookie x

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