Friday, 24 July 2015

Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser - Review

This product retails at £16.53 for 118ml (quite expensive compared to Clinique's £16 for 200ml facial wash).

I received this product through brand backer from Oz Naturals and it is the 2nd item that they kindly sent me to try. All they ask in exchange is for an honest review on Amazon, heres my Amazon review

Whilst this product made my skin feel nice there are other products that also do that for less money, another thing which puts me off slightly is that I can't purchase this item in a local shop (to my knowledge) and my postman can be quite heavy handed with things, usually meaning anything packaged gets squashed. I also like the experience of going into a shop where I can, and another bonus with Clinique is that they run gift campaigns where you receive free products when you buy items, I tend to wait until these offers are on before purchasing. Another bonus with buying from boots of course is advantage card points, of which over the years I have racked up £100's!

The cleanser made my skin feel clean and cared for, so wasn't harsh or drying, however the 1st time I used it I got a shock as it really stung my eyes. The 2nd time I was wise to this and made a conscious effort to avoid my eyes. I think because the product is so thin it very easily gets past your eyelids.

If I had to give this product grading I would say 7/10 as it is a good product, but for what it is the price is fairly steep and as above there are many similar ranking products that are cheaper.

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