Sunday, 19 July 2015

Products to review - July

This week I received quite a few products to trial and review
1. Oz Naturals - Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser which can be found here
I came about this opportunity on BrandBacker, if you're not already signed up I would recommend it, check it out If you get chosen they will give you a link to the item on Amazon and a promotional code so that the product is free. In exchange for the product you must give an honest and unbiased review on Amazon.
2. InstaNatural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream which can be found here
This was advertised on, again I would recommend having a look here as they put companies in touch with bloggers and have many projects on the go which you can apply for. For this product I was again given a product promotion code for Amazon, I have been asked to review the product on my blog and to also leave an honest and unbiased review on Amazon.

3. Lipcote

I bought this many years ago as a teenager and think I used it once before it went missing in the bottom of my bag with many other impulse buys!

I contacted the team at Lipcote and a nice member, Daria, very kindly offered to send me a trial. Thank you and watch this space for my honest review.

The product was beautifully packaged, along with a handwritten compliments slip - always a nice touch!

4. Nair Lavender Wax Strips
I had  no idea this was on it's way so it was a pleasant surprise. I applied for this using which is primarily a survey site but also sends products out for testing too.

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Reviews coming soon!
Cookie x

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