Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sacla Red Pesto - Review

A little while back I contacted Sacla asking if I could try their products. They very kindly responded and provided me with £4 worth of vouchers. Most of their pesto's are on offer in Tesco right now for £2. With my coupons I bought a Sundried Tomato pesto and some artichokes in a lemon and rosemary infused oil (£2.99), so I got the 2 items for 99p, bargain!
I am going to share a few simple recipes which involve the sundried tomato pesto.
This was a very simple and super quick mid week dinner. All I did here was added 2 tbsps. of the pesto to the chicken and left for 10 mins. I then cooked on 180 until the juices ran clear. I served with chips and it was the perfect quick fix.
The next recipe is something I made for lunch to take to work and it was an absolute hit with my boyfriend who has asked for it to be a regular thing.
Mini prosciutto and sundried tomato pesto frittatas  
Here's the recipe
8 Slices prosciutto (about £1.80 in Tesco, but varies on weight)
3 med/large eggs
Splash of milk
30g cheddar cheese (you can add your preferred cheese)
1 Tbsp of chopped parsley (chives will do, or you can omit this)
a few chopped sundried tomatoes
1 Tbsp of Sundried tomato pesto
for these I use whatever I have in, so if you don't have any milk don't add any, again same with the cheese. If you have green pesto that's okay too, and if you haven't got any sundried tomatoes you could omit these or even use some olives , chorizo or even some artichokes! The prosciutto could be substituted with ham or even left out completely providing you oil your tin properly.
1.Lightly oil your muffin tin, then line each of the holes with a slice of prosciutto, don't worry if there are small gaps.
2.Whisk your eggs and milk with your parsley, grated cheese and pesto. Season with a little black pepper or nutmeg if desired. I wouldn't recommend any extra salt as the prosciutto is quite salty.
3.Add to oven preheated to 200c, check after 15 minutes, mine were quite risen and golden on top which is what you want.
4. Enjoy hot or cold!
Cookie x 

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