Friday, 7 August 2015

The Dog Treat Company - Review

I contacted this company on Facebook asking if I could try their products and they very kindly sent me the below pouch of treats for my pooches to try (thank you). here is their Facebook page
This is a company run by dog lovers for dog lovers, and as such they focus a great deal on quality, so much so that they only use human grade and ethically sourced ingredients. This is really encouraging as it's important to ensure that your pets diet is healthy and balanced.
The treats are handmade and there is no added salt, sugars, dyes, preservatives or chemicals.
In addition they use free range ingredients and their motto is that if you wouldn't eat it, why should your canine friends have to. For more information about this company see here!
I really like this company because I do tend to treat my animals like people (they are my kids)
How it works is similar to Graze boxes, just for your furry friends. You can purchase 4 x 40g pouches for £10 or you can tailor a box to your pets preferences, these are £12 and you get 4 x 60g tubs.
These may seem expensive in comparison to Graze boxes which retail at less than £4 each (for humans only though).
Please bear in mind that these treats are handmade with top quality ingredients. They are packaged absolutely beautifully and you have the option to choose exactly which flavours/variety you want out of their 14 choices.
Beautiful image from
This company offers a great range of flavours but have also put a lot of thought into vitamins and different benefits that each variety of treats can offer. - Ultimately healthy treats for dogs.
Also you get to choose whether you just want to buy a one off box, or if you want to make a regular thing of it and get a subscription.
My girls went nuts for these treats and I'm sure your precious pooches will too!
I would recommend these to anyone who is interested in giving their dogs honest and healthy treats that will be enjoyed!
These delicious doggy treats can be purchased here
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