Monday, 28 September 2015

I'm Back!

Hi All,

I am now back from my holiday so I have quite a bit of catching up to do, but first I will share with you a holiday update.

We spent 7 days in Lanzarote and I have to say it was great, I couldn't of asked for better weather - I nearly tanned..!

There was lots of excursions and shopping and as a bonus it was relatively cheap. We did pay for excursions and there's some things we saved on and others that were more costly and could have been done cheaper with a little more thought (small things). I will take this away and not make the same mistakes again.

Where we saved

Flights, Accommodation and transfers - We got a great initial deal, flights, villa and transfers were booked in bulk as we went with friends so there was 4 of us to share the villa and transfer costs which was a significant saving. If you were to go for a villa as a single couple it would cost quite a bit more and it worked out similar in price to a nice hotel. - For us the villa was a must, it's quiet and much more intimate without the worry of lots of people, kids running around and fighting over sun loungers! It's great traveling with friends also as it was great company and an all round laugh.

Food - In general the food was so cheap in all of the restaurants and cafe's, it was also really affordable in the supermarkets and some evenings it was nice to just stay in and have a BBQ as a group, I estimate this could have been done for less than €5 per head which is pretty good! I can definitely understand why people move to the Canary Islands and Spain.

Alcohol - Is really cheap in the shops but quite a bit more expensive in the restaurants and bars (not as expensive as the UK though), we had lunch the other day for €15 and then spent the same on a drink each.

Makeup - There were lots of fragrance and makeup shops offering great discounts (on reflection these were better than the airport discounts), I bought a lovely pink Guerlain blusher compact for €31.95 (approx. £23.50 currently), this blusher, this brand in fact isn't available where I live. I would therefore need to buy this online, and it retails at £33.50 (€45.50 at current) - so in all a great little bargain.

Where we spent

Excursions - We went Kayaking and snorkeling, this was approx. a 4 hour excursion and cost €65 each, The other excursion we did was quad biking and this worked out at €90 each, both of these were great fun and totally worth it!

Toiletries - Make sure you take what you need as I forgot a couple of items and needed to purchase extras. I forgot Vaseline for my lips, I cannot go to sleep without this (this and hand cream!). We brought a bit of sun cream but we ran out and had to get some more, likewise with body wash and deodorant.

Supplies at the airport - A tiny travel size bottle of deodorant for men in the airport WHSmith costs £2.50 which is absolutely ridiculous, but we needed so we paid!

My other half got a cushion for the plane, but if we'd planned ahead we could of got a better deal.

Taking all the above into account there are small lessons to be learned, because when you really need something you are willing to pay through the nose, so the trick is to be prepared!

I arrived home and I was so excited to see all the review items that I have received through the post.

Keep an eye out as I have a few reviews on their way!

Cookie x

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