Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Salcura DermaSun and BioSkin - Review

In preparation for my holiday I was kindly send some products to review from the Salcura DermaSun and BioSkin range. Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to Chloe for your help pairing products with my skin type and situation.

I didn't intend to get burnt on my holiday  (who does?) and to be perfectly honest I was hoping not to suffer any skin irritation, but alas, it seems that these issues are part and parcel with hot countries.

We went to Lanzarote and the temperature was in the high twenties, it was very humid so it often felt hotter. 

Despite covering myself liberally with factor 50 several times a day I did manage to get burnt, mainly whilst on excursions. My legs and feet burnt whilst floating in a rubber ring and also quad biking, my arms got their turn whist kayaking and snorkeling. 

My skin was irritated too, itchy either from the UV exposure or from the SPF in the sunscreen. In addition the mosquitoes made a meal of me so I am covered in hard lumps.

So, did these products help me? The answer to this is YES, the 2 sprays were fairly similar and they both worked at soothing my burns and irritations. 

The spray eliminates the need to rub in which was really convenient and easy to apply. The spray for irritation also aided with my insect bites and helped to calm the affected areas down.

The BioSkin Zeoderm was really a savior and stopped my burned skin from peeling, it kept me moisturised without feeling greasy and absorbed into my skin perfectly well. 

As these were taken on holiday I decanted them into smaller bottles (50ml). The sprays are £16.99 for 100ml and can be purchased here.

As for  the BioSkin Zeoderm cream, this can be purchased here and is available in 2 sizes, £9.99 for 50ml which is perfect for travel and £19.99 for 150ml.

These items were absolute lifesavers whilst on holiday, I just wish I had brought the full size sprays as I got through all of what I brought with me and I will definitely be bringing these along with me the next time I go somewhere hot!

Cookie x

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